BOOK REVIEW: Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Title: Out of the Clear Blue SkyAuthor: Kristan HigginsPublication date: June 2022 Format: Audiobook (and "real" book)Narrators: C.J. Bloom & Xe Sands Having recently discovered Kristan Higgins, I am now a HUGE fan. A “seven books in one year” fan! So of course, I couldn’t wait to read her newest novel, Out of the Clear Blue … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Out of the Clear Blue Sky


100 Words Published!

Yes, I've been published again! (Sorry, if I'm bragging, but there it is.) I was challenged in a writer's group to create a 100-word essay with these instructions: Describe a small personality trait about a person you love and make the reader love them, too. Well, I did just that and submitted my essay/poem to … Continue reading 100 Words Published!

BOOK REVIEW: The Last Thing He Told Me I really wanted to love this book. And there were many parts of it that I truly liked. But it was kind of like having a fun romp in the sack without an orgasm...lots of enjoyable moments but without the big payoff. And while good sex is still good, it’s always better with a … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The Last Thing He Told Me

Good press is good press!

I'm thrilled and honored to have one of my short stories reviewed online by Eakle Reviews! There's just something amazing about having someone else read your work and offer an opinion about it. I'm so grateful that anyone would take the time to do so. Check out his other reviews as well...he looks at books/novels … Continue reading Good press is good press!

Collateral Damage

by Karen Kinley “I can’t stay with you anymore.” The words stung Jeremy’s ears even though he’d heard them many times before. He quietly closed the door behind him and scooted across his bed, knocking a tattered stuffed animal to the floor in the process. He pulled his legs up to his chest, wrapped his … Continue reading Collateral Damage