A Resolution of JOY

Despite 12 years of Catholic education, I consider myself more spiritual than religious. You may argue that "spiritual" and "religious" mean the same thing. But to me, being spiritual relates to matters of the soul and intangible things, including heavenly beings. Being "religious" pertains to the specific beliefs of a particular religion. My blog, my … Continue reading A Resolution of JOY

I’m not a graphic designer, but…

OK, so I know I'm supposed to be editing (and I am, I SWEAR!), but I needed a break so I started playing with my book cover design. Not that it matters anyway, because I'm going to finish this novel AND get an agent AND get a publishing contract which will include a cover design … Continue reading I’m not a graphic designer, but…

BE HAPPY: A Grammatical Perspective

Earlier today I was on the treadmill at my gym reading a book (which is what nerds like me do when they actually make the time to work out!). During a fairly benign scene in chapter twenty-seven, two characters in the novel were discussing what they want out of life, and predictably, one of the … Continue reading BE HAPPY: A Grammatical Perspective

Three Secrets Every Wanna-Be Author Should Know

Every author was, at some point, a wanna-be author. That was me about a year ago. Even though I have been writing my entire life, I only recently finished penning my first novel. Yes, it only took about 50 or so years for me to get serious (or maybe brave?) about this mission! It was a … Continue reading Three Secrets Every Wanna-Be Author Should Know