My first novel is finished! My Side of the Bed. is women’s fiction about a runaway mom.  Look below for the “back cover copy.” I have also offered a sneak peek of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Let me know what you think!


Suburban wife, teacher, and mother of three, Elizabeth Zain has it all: the supportive husband, the spunky but wonderful kids, the charming house, the fulfilling career, and a life others would envy. So why on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the middle of the grocery store, does she simply walk away from it all?

Even Beth doesn’t know why.

Riddled with guilt, yet unable to turn the car toward home, she finds herself driving further and further away searching for a reason to go back…and finding none.

During her time away from her family, Beth encounters people who judge her and sees places that conjure up long-forgotten memories. While visiting her hometown, her sister reveals a painful secret that rattles Beth’s ideas about marriage and motherhood. And when she is once again saddled with responsibility by caring for her ailing grandmother, Beth spends time with a man who wants more than friendship, forcing Beth to make a choice about the woman she wants to be and, ultimately, the life she really wants.

Like the sound of this? Click to take a look at Chapter 1 and Chapter 2!