Short Stories

Short story writing has become my new passion (in between editing, of course). The stories below are products of several writing contests….and I love a challenge! Click and enjoy!

Goodnight, Leopold Andrews
Some types of love just take your breath away.



Some promises are made to be broken.

Wedding Jitters

Old anxieties rise to the surface as Ben heads to a family wedding.

Sky Boys

Just because a job is dangerous doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Key to Happiness

Sheri thought her life hit a dead end, until something in her past resurfaced.

Blank space

A Life For Garrett

Life has always been a challenge for Carly, but she wasn’t prepared for the day she met Will.
Collateral Damage
In Jeremy’s ever-changing world, the one person he can count on is his mother.

Bad Romance

When is the perfect time to tell someone how you feel?

Blank space

Coming Home

Nothing is as special as an old friend.


Sometimes working from home creates connections you never thought were possible.

An Afternoon Alone

What happens when you run into the same stranger over and over again?

Family Affairs

A family dinner proves to be more revealing than Adam anticipated.